My Monday!

It's Monday and I have 3 short random stories I am combining for my blog:

So, it’s Monday and I only slept 3 hours and woke up with bags under my eyes, I feel itchy, stuffy head & ears, can't bend my back from doing the yard and I got a ton of work to catch up on in house & music room. Gonna be hard to get thru this one. Oh, not because of all the whiny butt stuff I just listed. No. Because those bags I found under my eyes this morning when I woke up? Um...they were empty! Empty bags of chips. PIMP LOL. What? I'm plumb out of Baked Lays Potato Chips, so it's gonna be hard to be all that & a bag of chips, today. Just sayin'. No worries. Have a fun day. No matter what kinda crunch you're in, you can still know that you are all that a bag of chips to God. When the chips are down? Get another bag! NO! JK! When the chips are down or life is chipping away at you, stay chipper. How? Well, me? I pray. Lots. Music, humor, no complaining & seeing God in everything. Easy? Not always. That's where the chips come in. Signed, I Do Flips Over Chips

Bam boom bam boom clank crash roll! Yet, just another reason to for me to invent a pouch to hold water and long, attached straw. worn inside the outfits to hydrate when singing. Because, then my beautiful flowered metal drinking canister would not fall as I was sipping on it and bounce all over the hard floor during church. You just can’t look at the guy across the row like he did it. You know? Like how you do when your phone goes off in church. You look around like who in the world? Cuz, he's already, along with everyone else, looking at YOU! PIMP LOL. Have a fun week. Be inventive. Signed, The Vox With The Jokes Invents To Prevent! Disaster!

Ear lobe plumping? What? Well, the world plumps their butts, lips, boobs, etc. So, ear lobes? Not much of a stretch. Well, maybe for the skin. And, others eyes. PIMPLOL. Not saying I like everything about me, especially as I get older, butt, I'd be a boob and only be giving lip service to plump my outside and allow the soul to get skinny, right? My unplump elf ears are burning. Have a plump day. Signed, My Skinny On Plump

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