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You can purchase our brand new double CD, back to the b.a.s.i.c.s,  Click here to purchase.    Drop us an email to tell us how you liked it! If I wrote everything that has happened to us the past few weeks, months, even years, to hinder and yet bring about this day, you wouldn't believe me. So, let me just say that it's a real treat to have in our hands, in our ears and in our hearts. A miracle, indeed. The artwork was my heart. I cloned in bricks for a theme in my work. And, kept it all our items in the photograph setups like my Gettysburg Battlefields boots from my Uncle Pete that have seen many a battle and many a building. Our simple, b.a.s.i.c. old things. Like my 1st Shure mic. My fave stage shawl. Sam's 1st amp, etc. To symbolize that we are in the b.a.s.i.c. biz of building up. With what we have. And, our instruments, our songs, our heart and soul, and pure hard work and faith are what we have. They are our bricks. To build you up. And, that builds us up. Signed, The Brick Spouse

You can also buy our older CD which is also a double album as a digital download below on this page. Also! Get our ringtone free at the bottom of this page. Unique funky and cool. Thanks ya'll guys. Our love and appreciation and respect. 

For the record... Our new CD, back to the b.a.s.i.c.s is our 3rd. The first one we manufactured at home and gave away tons to get heard. The second is also a double CD on one like our new one but downloadable only.

No Stranger To The Blues

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Our collection of original songs with a slight blues edge. We have rock, country, jazz, funky, blazz, juze, etc. Somethin' for everyone! Features: One Heart, Ignore Me and Went Lookin. Also includes 3 extra tracks from our previous album. Songs from our heart and soul...

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 Written, Performed, Recorded and Produced by
 the b.a.s.i.c. band.    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Samuel T. Glenn Copyright for song/publishing 2008-2017