“YOU GOTTA GIVE A HILL ‘o BEANS ABOUT SLAYING GIANTS! What? So, we watched “Jack The Giant Slayer” last night. Loved it. Got me thinking… We sometimes, want those quick magical fixes. Like magic beans. Only they grow into deep rooted problem vines that are hard to cut down. Pretty soon they become hideous giants in our life that we wonder where they came from. When we realize we were the ones who planted the very beans that gave way to the giants, and we know we must slay them. And, not with a quick fix. Leave the quick fixes to Super Glue. And, the magic to super good magicians and their fun shows. Just like your problems and addictions got started small with just the planting of 1 small seed, 1 small bean, you gotta start small to slay your giants. You can’t slay a giant if you don’t first recognize the small bean that gave way to it. That bean’s gotta be worth more than a hill ‘o beans to you. Remember… Quick fixes are slow trickxes! Just like magic. Doesn’t last. You gotta give a hill of beans about slaying those giants and making changes in your life. Find the bean and you’ll find the root. Dig deep. DUH LOL PIMP LOL. And, yes, you saw and read right in the photodrama. That is “Trace The Giant Slayer”. At theatres soon. Well, at real life. Soon! Love you guys for coming by my humor and our music. You slay me! PIMP LOL. In a good way. Oh! And, one more joke. What did the bean say to Jack? Quite stalkin' me would ya! PIMP LOL. Go ahead and stalk me. I love for you to stop by my b'log and stories and music and life... SIGNED, Small Giant Slayer Who Thinks

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