Yo ho ho or Ho ho ho?

"YO!" During the Christmas season, my friend holds 2 jobs at Disney. 1 as a Pirate & 1 as Santa. Seemed perfect with the similar costumes, boots, beards & lines. Yo ho ho & Ho ho ho? DUH LOL PIMP LOL. Until, this year. He started taking shortcuts & wearing 1 costume under the other. Showed up to see what the kiddies wanted for Christmas with a patch on 1 eye, red hat & red bandana, puffy sleeved shirt, red pants, vest, scrawny beard & a sword & a jug of rum in a red bag shouting Yo ho Yo ho! The moral? Yo! If you wear several hats in life, they're bound to overlap. & if you"re gonna take short cuts, yo better be prepared to be jolly in the folly. Short cuts are always a drag in the long run. Have a fun day. Ho Ho Ho. Signed, The Folly In The Jolly

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