“WINDOWS & DOORS!” So, having the internet and social sites allows all of us to connect with so many we never could have, local and far, and I am thankful so much for it. I have used the internet to open windows for others to see into my world. Windows without blinds and curtains blowing back allowing the fresh air of friendship and hope and humor and music to come in. All via my stories and our music. Hoping others will find the whoas in the woes and amusing in the accusing with me. But, a window was never meant to replace the front door. I’m not knocking the window. I just like knocking the door. PIMP LOL. And, others to knock the door. Like I said, changed my life being able to share my heart through the internet. I can’t always use front doors, either. Just saying that if able and if local, the door is always easier to walk through than a window. Oh, I know most times, these days, with internet, it’s much easier to just look through the window and see and know what’s going on without really being in someone’s life. You can give “kinds words” through the window, but you can give “kind you”, mind you, through the door. I don’t want to end so serious so I will throw in my window knock-knock joke. Here goes: It’s about my 2 friends, Window and Shutter. It seems they had a bad argument! So, here goes the joke about the situation between them. Knock, knock? Who's there? Shutter! Shutter who? I shutter at the thought of facing Window today! If I don't open up and air things out? It could be curtains for me! PIMP LOL TNT. I know sometimes, as the saying goes, when God closes a door He opens a window, but I also think if we close a window, sometimes we will actually open the door! I am sorry if my window has become streaky and my door squeaky. I try very hard not let that happen. Maybe I need to take some time to just clean and oil them. Meantime, my back door will be open... SIGNED, The Squeaky & Streaky In The Meeky & Geeky

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