“VEIN WORSHIP!” What? Well, lately I’ve heard so much about worship and how it's all about the music. Yes, we are musicians and songwriters and singers, etc., but, I do believe that music is only a small piece and that worship is purely pouring everything you got into showing the worth of God. Worship is not only music or church, but I believe it’s getting your blood flowing. Serving. Lending a hand. It’s what’s going on in the inside much more than what’s going on on the outside. Sometimes, in music it may flow to the outside. But, it should start on the inside. Sam used to always say to me that if the veins in my neck weren’t popping then I wasn’t giving it everything I got. I think he got that from his Dad. Same goes for all we do. Getting the blood coursing through our veins is worship. Showing God’s worth in everything. Serving. With love. With excellence. Even unto the smallest deed. That’s vein worship. Not vain worship. I like the scriptures on love in 1 Corinthians 13:1 about clanging cymbals. If it’s not coming from a loving heart we’re just making noise. Now, noise is good sometimes to just have fun. But, we’re just clanging cymbals if the blood of love isn't coursing through our veins. Okay. That’s enough. Have fun worshiping. However you worship. However you attribute value and serve with love. We have much to gain in vein worship and much to lose in vain worship. He sees our veins and he sees our vains. He sees our real tears of love, pain and joy in the prayers that we reveal in the secret for ourselves and for others. That’s service, too. That’s worship. Gotta go pop a few veins and practice. YOu guys have a fun evening. Pop a few veins. Signed, There’s Gain In The Vein Worship

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