“UNHINGED!” Don't become unhinged that this story is a bit long. It's worth it. If ya drive by our chocolate and raspberry watermelon home and see our garage door all wee-wunky, don’t laugh or make fun or judge, stop and help us fix it. No, I’m not kidding. Came off its hinges last night. Good thing we didn’t. Kinda getting used to things breaking. No. I don’t want them to. And, no! Don’t pity us. Nope. Just sayin’. Happens a lot and we pray a lot. Fix a lot. So, if our garage door bugs you? You can laugh with us while you stop by and help us fix it, cuz it really bugs me. ‘specially after doing so much to the house and yard work and garden and all. I may be a Pennsylfloridavania hillbilly, but the OCD Victorian in me likes things to look good. But, the important thing is that life does become unhinged! But we need not! How? It hinges on where you take your unhinging. Me? God. He doesn’t need hinges to hang the moon or the sun or the stars, so He seems to know a lot about it. One more thing? You just never know when someone is unhinged. Sometimes, we so should apply hushness ‘stead of harshness. What? Hush my mouth! A quiet smile of understanding and a hand on the shoulder lets them hear God 'stead of us and lets God do His job. God never asked us to apply for His job. Just apply His job. Sometimes, we apply elbow grease and sometimes balm. But, we always apply within. Stop and help someone today. Helping unhinges. Photo of unhinged garage door and unhinged me. PIMP LOL. You can’t see the hinge under my hair but you can see the wooden pink door and hinge that holds my guts!!! UPDATE: we just surveyed the whole garage door thing and fixed it ourselves with 4 hands , 2 ladders and 2 brains. Yay! Thing is? When it came unhinged yesterday, it was so loud and springy and I just knew I was dead. I haven’t sp[rung into action and ran that fast out of the slightly opened garage door about to fall on me, since I was ‘bout 10 years old. Wow. Still got the flexible gymnastics attitude. Not so much the bod, but the attitude. I could have really gotten hurt bad. So thankful. Sam was like…wow and you lived to see it! Anyways, all fixed. One more life unhinge back on track. For now… Oh! And, speaking of garages? It's where we do tune-ups and up tunes, sometimes. Unplugged covers on a cell phone to just have fun and scare the neighbors. So, here's a fave from the garage of our hearts after my signature. Signed, I Get A Rush From A Hush Says The Li’l Too Observant Li’l Servant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXE3_mR9398

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