“TOUCANS, PINK LIGHTS & GARBAGE CANS! I CAN IT OR I CAN!” What? So, what’s new here in PSJ this week? Huge stuff! Garbage cans. PIMP LOL. What? They are huge! So, what’s new there in St. Augustine? Huge stuff! She began her job in the finance office, sang “Don’t Stop Believing’” at a Karaoke party, hung up beautiful pink rose lights in her dorm room and Flagler classes begin today. Moral of the story here? When life hands you garbage, can it, kick it to the curb and move on. Moral of the story there? When life hands you seemingly impossible opportunities, say “I CAN” do it. Kick the doubt to the curb and move into those impossibles. Because the 1st time you step into the impossibles and toss the fear? They become a possible. And, we all know anything is possible. With God. Her going to Flagler gave me many impossibles that became possibles. All year lone. The steps we took. The milestones that day of me traveling have change my hope and perspective greatly. After raveling to Flagler through torrential rain to be there for your girl, any small thing or trip I must do her seems easier. I still have health stuff I’m fighting but it’s not impossible. I love stepping into the impossibles. So keep up those prayers for my daughter and for me and all 3 of us. Adjustments and faith. Require stepping into the impossibles. I am off to work on my brok computer and printer. Then? I plan to get my book started. Oh! And, I think we may have won 1st place in our new song and vid which I will put the money towards our new CD’s. I will post on Saturday the results of the 3 contests. Joke for the day? What did the Toucan say to the other Toucan? You, too, can… If you have faith. Share your color with the world. Have a huge day. CAN the garbage and “I CAN” the rest. SIGNED, The Possible In The Tossible

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