The Scoop On Serving!

The Scoop On Serving & Thanksgiving! So, heres the scoop! Cappuccino Fudge Blitz! Cant have it! But, just scooping it out and serving it up and saying the words is a blitz! It may be the pits that I cant have this, but serving makes it a blitz. PIMP LOL. So, whether serving up ice cream you cant have, washing someone that cant, or doing something nobody even knows youre doing? Find the blitz in the pitz. Because Someone does know and He did it for us. He served and found the blitz in the pitz. So, put on the ritz when it comes to serving with thanksgiving that you CAN and MAY serve. Some are not as able. Though, we can each serve up thankfulness. Hope your week of Thanksgiving is the glitz, even in the pitz. Okay! You get the jitz! Signed, The Blitz In The Pitz

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