The Late Night Schtacked Schnecken Schnack!

The Late Night Schtacked Schnecken Schnack! So, we had company. Our drummer friend, Ronnie, who usually takes us out, but I made this for them, instead. I recken you'll like my Schnecken. I named it the Late Night Schtacked Schnecken Schnack. It’s made with Onion Schnecken Rolls, Barbecue Chicken, Chipotle Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Real Mayo, Vidalia Onion and Sweet Gherkins! It’s so big and boss, that about half way through it schneckens up on you. PIMP LOL. Mmm…. No cookbook necessary. Cooked it up myself. Wish I could eat one. Oh, well. I will settle for serving it. Love that. The good feelings schneckened up on me. So, serve someone. It will schnecken up on you and catch you by surprise when you serve with love. I make up my own kitchen kreations. My sandwishes. Yes, I call them sandwishes because I can put anything I wish in them. Oh! And a i'l kitchen humor: Since I cook, I think I can speak for how a cook would answer someone who just lied to them. He'd say: if you're gonna lie, at least marinade it a bit with some juicier stuff so I can chew on it a bit cuz I sure as heck am not gonna swallow it. Better to have raw truth than cooked up lie! What? Jus' pitchin' kitchen humor Signed, The Cook Without The Book Has Schtick On The Stack

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