The Big House!

“The Big House!” I’ve lived in a big house and spent a lot of time there with windows wide open and no bars on them. I’ve “visited” THE big house and spent SOME time there, as a band and, as a bandit, with no windows open and lots of bars! PIMP LOL. Never over night! But, there’s one Big House where we’ll all spend some eternity together. So get used to it now. God wants us to care for the prisoners, the widows, the sick and all whom He loves. Bandits as well as bands. And, bands of folks different from us. Even the snooty! But, you know, snooty so uglifies beauty! Smuglifies, too. I witnessed someone acting so unkind, like it was their duty to be snooty. Inner beauty, outward kindness and countenance. That’s what they see that lasts. That’s what God calls on us to do. To be. Inward and outward duty is the real beauty! It’s for our benefit. I wanted to kick booty for that snooty, but did my duty, instead of my doo-doo-ty! Because we all know how easy it is to love the lovely and the loving, but... Yes, even, the snooty. So, we’ve got to band together. They will know us by our love. Will they see snooty towards those different or beauty? Behold beloved! Let us love, above! Duty! Here’s a song to go with just this called: Behold How They Love ( And, another to go with the Big House ( They’re both on our albums at Signed, Everyone’s Welcome In Our House! No Sweat!

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