“SPURTS, SPOTS & SPOUTS!” I know my flowers and the earth so needed this short li’l spurt of rain we just got refreshed with, but I so needed it, too… Can’t rightly explain the exact reason. I just did. I guess because it’s refreshing and grounds me. So bloomin’ thankful for the li’l things that ground us. Especially in the midst of the big things that confound us. We all need those light spurts of rain when we’re in tight spots of drain. So we don’t spout off. PIMP LOL. And, as you can see by the water on the ground, we so need a downspout now that we’ve finished painting and all. Because when it rains, the water really pours! Off the roof and makes a big mess in the mulch. Always floods a line along my front garden. Future work. SIGNED, Gotta Get Dirty To Stay Grounded & Gotta Get Rained On To Keep The Drained Off

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