Spittin' Image!

"SPITTIN' IMAGE!" Just got word I got a job offer up in St. Augustine. They saw some of our photographs by the fountain of frogs and heard some of our music. But, I am not quite sure if I am being hired to spit out tunes or spit out water. PIMP LOL. What? I can do either. If I"m spitting out water I'll have a froggy throat. If I'm spitting out tunes, I'll have a froggy throat. Just like to work hard. Give it all I got. All I got? Yea-uh. It comes from God. All my spittin' out. What? We ARE s'posed ta be the spittin' image of Him! Have a fun rest of the day. Just ribbit-ing you. Signed, The Legit In The Spit

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