“SKYPE HYPE!” So, three weeks from tonight, at this time, I will be Skyping, then typing, then wiping... Skyping my girl good night at college for the 1st time, and after that, typing a note to text her for her 1st day of classes for the 1st time at college, and then privately shedding a few tears. NOT for the 1st time! PIMP LOL. Then, wiping them away so no one notices. It’s hard to believe it came so fast… When she was little, instead of Skype, it was diap. Now, that’s a change! PIMP LOL. Instead of type, it was pipe. Blowing bubbles through a little pipe. And, instead of wipe (my tears), it was wipe hers. PIMP LOL. Why the phone photograph? I was thinking how in the past that’s all we had to talk to our parents. Now? We can Skype and type (text) and then privately wipe… And, all that hype. So glad. I’m hyped for the Skype! Finally! Oh! And, I’m extremely tired and exhausted this past couple weeks from health stuff, so I would so appreciate your prayers for the upcoming move and trip. I’ll be doing a lot of resting to help fix this being wiped out! Thank you guys. Oh! And, time really does fly and so do our kids. Out of the nest. So, spend time helping them spread those wings. Under His wings... SIGNED, The Beholdin’ Mama In The Unfoldin’ Drama

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