“SHTICK SHIFTS & FLUID DRIVES!” Well, to speak fluid plain English, I just got rained on! Fluidly! Imagine that. In Florida. Both. PIMP LOL. Okay, so shifting from my shtick to the rest of the story. Was taking my evening walk early and, as usual, I always carry by big stick for safety and my big shtick for humor, and I stopped to check out this 1941 Chrysler with fluid drive when a sudden storm came upon me. Fortunately for me, the owners of this car were home and invited me in. After which I shared my life story in a short few moments and they shared theirs. You just never know what a storm will bring. New friends. New car? Nah. Not right now, at least. But, I can dream and hope. I so want this car. It is so me. Only $3,999.00 away from it being mine. Gotta sell some more CD’s. And, yes. I did have some of our band cards with me. You just never know when you might run into some other musicians needing a band or some music lovers needing new music. I had earlier run into someone else walking their dog and we got to talking about music and gave them a card. I always carry a couple when I walk. Walking keeps the fluids going and carrying cards keeps the music flowing fluidly and carrying by big shtick keeps the juices and humor flowing. Keeps me driven. Some day driving. But, I so wouldn’t mind having the fluids flowing in this car while I am behind the wheel. Just sayin’. Oh And, the storm ended up lasting over an hour and they finally took me home after offering the spare bedroom and a meal. It' still raining! I love storms. You just never know when you may have to use your shtick shift to keep your drive fluid! Signed, Just A Hick With Schtick

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