"SHOCKING SLAPS, BULLY BEATINGS & PUNCH LINES!" I saw something on the news about beating that got me thinking, as always… I do try to turn it off. The TV and me. Works for the TV, but not even remotely for me. PIMP LOL. Anyways, I’s thinking: You bully me or beat on me or someone I love and I’m so gonna slap you! Silly, that is. I’m gonna slap you with an original joke. I may think about slapping you or even a punch, but I’ll leaving that for the line. PIMP LOL. I know… You'd love to slap me. Silly! Don’t that beat all. Have a fun day. Don't beat up on someone. They may already feel beat down. Shock someone. Slap someone with some silly. And, take the stuff that beats you down and those that bully to God. He knows all about that. Now, really! Don't THAT beat all! K. No more punchlines. Signed, What’s My Line? The Vox With The Jokes (and that's my punchline, too)

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