Polished Peace!

So, I'm polishing our old worn leather boots my own way today. With honey conditioner, a brush, spit and elbow grease. Got me thinking... Sometimes, you get the brush off or spit on for working hard and doing good things, your own way, honey! We get soft in life from being conditioned to think the best of people. Which is a good thing, but we also need to be tough as leather when they're not. Off to have a sweet day on one conditioner? That you do, too! Kick boot! Be you. Be encouraged. Encourage others. Kick boot, 1 step, 1 day, 1 soul at a time. Remember... In doing things your own way, there's a time to be soft and a time to be tough. But, always a time to be soulful. Polished peace. Now, that's a smooth feeling. God is polishing souls with plished peace. Oh! And, speaking of being polished?  Not having to impress others makes a big impression on others. If you're gonna be good at doing impressions? Do an impression of yourself. That's who God sees anyways. Have an impressive week. Press on! 'steada impress on. PIMP LOL. Jus' messin' with my impression! Night. Signed, Finding Peace In The Elbow Grease, Honey

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