Picking Your Battles!

"PICKING YOUR BATTLES!" I used to sing AND play guitar. Crushed my hand and got very ill, so after the surgery dust settled and when I realized I was gonna live, I had to um..."Pick" and choose what I could try again. PIMP LOL. Breathing, eating, taking care of the fam, singing, writing and just living were top 6. Miss guitar so much. But, we all have to pick our battles wisely and shred a tear for the lost ones, and move on. I have a joke I made up a couple years back to deal with this. It goes... I used to shred guitar and sew my clothes. Now, I wear shredded clothes and play guitar sew-sew! I also love playing drums and was learning and enjoying them so much even at my age. Until the gift of drums got taken back after a couple years. Oh well... The beat goes on. I still sticks with it. Signed, Blue Is My Hue

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