Neck & Brick Walls!

Well, this month’s color on sale at the drugstore was chocolate cherry. So, chocolate cherry hair for a few weeks it is. Sometimes, you gotta stick your neck out! And, not just be another brick in the wall. PIMP LOL. And, speaking of sticking my neck out? We stuck ours out for our songs and albums. Have our Christmas song playing on the house player and our new song and vid up there and much more. And, the good thing? You don’t have to stick your neck out. Just your finger and click this: And, you know how we all get those stiff necks and broke necks from worries? Well, our songs are filled with stories about broke lives. The diff? They’re fixed on Jesus. And, fixed by. Sticking our necks out gives us broad shoulders, but it never hurts to stick our heart out there, too. Love you guys. Have a colorful weekend. Signed, She’s Off The Wall For The Long Haul

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