“MALLETS & STILETTOS! YOU GOTTA STILL LET THE RIGHT TOOLS WORK FOR YOU! O!” What? So, I’m fixing to work on my computer and printer. They are broke. So, I got my mechanics shirt and fingerless gloves on! And, my working tools. Stilettos and mallet and flashlight. After all… Even if you give it all you got, you still gotta let the right tools work for you. PIMP LOL. You know you guys, ladies and men, have all picked up something sitting close by instead of running to get a hammer. I’ve used a candle and many other nearby items as a tool. PIMP LOL. But, really? You gotta have the right tools and let the right tools work for you. Like my gloves and studded shoes. They work for me. I can’t work hard without comfort and without being me. And, a mallet to knock my head. In case I can’t come up with any ideas. Or knock the computer. Whichever! Oh! And, the flashlight to see. You gotta see. Reminds me of a tool I got a long time ago from a dear friend that I use on everything. It’s a wrench that adjusts and grips to anything. Mark miller, thank you. Best present ever. Anyways, about mechanics and tools? I always have loved cars and trucks, etc. Racing, too. And, the mechanics of them. Fixing and learning about them. I know. I’m a girl. Doesn’t matter to me. You just gotta have the right tools. BTW, I just got this shirt from a drummer friend. Love it. Fits me. Physically and mentally. Well, spiritually, too. DUH LOL. Because God sure has rebuilt me! He is my Mechanic and provides me with my best tool. Knowing Him. I work for Him. Because He works for me. I "stil-let-him-in-my-life-o! SIGNED, The Mech Girl In The Tech Girl

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