“KNEEALIZING!” What? So, I dug these Jean heels from way back out of my closet to sing in last night because I knew they would so go with some jean fingerless gloves with ruffles that someone sent me along with several others. And, when I say way back, I don’t mean way back in the closet. I mean way way way back in time. When I worked at the Space Center and lived alone and, well, you get it. Still fit! Anyways, I realized why I hadn’t worn the jean heels in a while. They brought me to my knees. They still look good but man do they hurt. Because I wasn’t used to wearing them, they were uncomfortable. I also realized something else as I thought back over a few memories from over the years that have come back since my seizure. I realized that God has brought me through much since these shoes. Given me comfort in the uncomfortable. Given me blue skies in the blues. Even some of the memories were uncomfortable. And, realizing that? Brought me to my knees. I call it kneealizing. When you realize something and it brings you to your knees. Can be uncomfortable if you haven’t done it in a while, but sometimes, you must get a li’l uncomfortable to get comfort and able to go on. Some of my other comforts? I love the color blue, love singing the Blues and I love blue jean anything. What’s your comfort? Signed, Singing The Blues, Wearing The Blues & Writing To Amuse

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