♪♫JINGLE BILL ROCK!♪♫ What? So, I am always surprised and thrilled at how much money our antique change jar yields us. I love pouring it out of the jar and into a bag and then into the machine and having it turn into big bucks. Dollar bills. I love the jingle sound. Sounds like Christmas. Only, it's Jingle Bill Rock!" PIMP LOL. To coin a phrase? It changes my day and makes cents to me. Saving your cents just make sense. And, dollars. When I buck up and save our change? We exchange our change at the machine and go to the gas machine. Because the buck stops there. In more ways than one. Have a fun day. Change is good. Now, I bet you are singing ♪♫Jingle Bill Jingle Bill Jingle Bill Rock!♪♫ Am I right? I know I am! Oh! And, am I embarrassed to go into the store and do this? Heck no. No sunglasses. No hat. No big bag. No disguise at all. In fact, I sing that song the whole time. Signed, The Sense Maker In The Cents Saver

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