“I TRIP AT WALMART!” So, this week has been milestones. I went to the oldest city in the country in the oldest boots in the country. For comfort, of course. Then, I went myself to the oldest grocery store in the oldest boots in the country with the oldest feeling person. Me. Then, today? I went to the oldest Walmart (which is a once a year only excursion) in the oldest heels to get some material to fix the newest shirt my daughter bought for her college trip, but it needed straps. So, while I was in the store choosing a gorgeous rose material for straps, my shoe straps on both shoes tore and I was walkin’ around like the oldest shopper in the world. PIMP LOL. Yes. I guess I would have been one of those PEOPLE OF Walmart on the vids. I took a trip to Walmart AND I took a trip and fell at Walmart in these shoes when they broke. No worries. I regained my composure quite quick. If I just hadn’t ripped my pants. JUST Kiddin! So, when I got home, I cut off the straps which look like dog collars and voila! New heels. And, they fit better. Sometimes, the oldest can feel so new. I forgot to mention that I pulled up in an old worn out car. The oldest in the country. My mother-in-law driving and me in the back seat cuz the front door was broke. PIMP LOL. How is that for Walmart people! Now! On to sewing and then maybe finally. Yes! Some sleep? Yes… My milestones are made possible by my Rock. Signed, The Sewer In The Sower

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