His Canvas...

Knowing that this whole world is His canvas that He paints with His hands makes it "easel"ier to be hue-man. The photodrama is a shot I got one Friday evening. No paint or editing necessary. The other shot, I added hues of paint, of course, to show soul, but the shot itself is from singing one of our songs on Easter at church. The color in my cheeks and soul are real. PIMP LOL. So, whatever hue do? Be real. Be hue! Do everything with hue! Because what’s inside you? Your hue? Is what makes you huenique! Let us be us and God be God. Hue know what I mean! PIMP LOL DUH LOL. Signed, I’m Only Hueman

Here are the 2 links to our 2 versions of that song we did: the studio full band http://youtu.be/tg5EUSwp4L0 and the jam minus drums version: http://youtu.be/BXtrvrK4zeM

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