“GLORIOUS GLACIER GARB!” In Florida, we have roller coaster winters of highs and lows. We only have a few choice days to wear our glorious glacier garb. Like Handerpants, scarfs, wool gloves, cool socks, tights, coats and Long Johns. So, I grab all the glorious goodies I got. Course, I’m freezing all year long with my unique condition, so I "get" to wear glacier garb all year long. That’s looking on the glorious side of things, cuz I don't like being cold all the time. But, no complaints. As you get dressed this time of year to keep warm, look on the glorious side of things. I know, it’s easier to see the bleak, stead of the glorious side. But, at least at this time of year, we all get to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes! Well, at least noses! PIMP LOL. The one time of year when it’s not just our new computers that come bundled with softwear! And, with everyone bundled up, we all look the same. Freaky, shivering, rednosed humans. So, winter, to some… The Great Freakqualizer! To others… The Great Bleakqualizer. But, to me? The Great Equalizer. Have a fun weekend. Be lookin’ cool in your wool. We should all have the glorious roar in us! Instead of just the roar! Photograph? Resting with my comfort quilt and my fave glorious glacier garb wool gloves. Oh! And, before you think it? I realize it’s easier to talk about being glorious in Florida than it is in most other states, but I speak from Pennsylvania mountain experience state of mind, too. It's state of mind, I don't mind stating. Signed, Always Cold, Always On Fire

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