Giving You Some Lip!

I don't know why, but I felt like giving you guys all some lip. Prolly because the time of year. Just kiddin'. I had a memory tonight of the old cherry wax lips and fang lips that we used to get at Halloween. I can even remember coming down out of the mountains and going into a nearby town in the snow to trick or treat. My love for these lips will never wax cold. PIMP LOL. Fang you guys veerdy much for treating me to a read and a look. No tricks. Well, just one with my photo. The eyes and the lips. Not real. But, you knew that. If I really had wax lips, they would have been in my mouth, not on it DUH LOL. Have a restful night's sleep. Here's a pucker up for you tuckered up friends. What? That's what one brand says! Pucker! I could have used to the other brand name! Wack!PIMP LOL. And, speaking of waxing cold and lips? Give everything off your lips to God. Don't let your love for Him wax cold. From your lips to God's ear. Signed, The Tricker In The Treater

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