“FEELING...” So, what makes me feel? Kids realizing you notice them, babies laughing, pouring my heart out singing, hearing my girl sing, listening to Eva Cassidy (and many others), photographs, antiques, history, Sam’s lead breaks, hearing drums clank epically on the off beat, the groove of a boss bass, the outdoors, writing, decorating anything, smiling, telling off the cuff jokes, talking to God, talking to anyone, sickness in me, sickness in anyone, having hope… Lots more, but, I feel could go on forever. The photograph collage? Just some of the things that make me feel. And, the new bluesy crocheted rose headband and fingerless gloves from Anna's Treasure's Crocheted with Love. Love them. Can you feel it? PIMP LOL. Signed, The Appeal In The Feel

And, speaking of writing, just some of this weeks homemade humor and hope short stories that I decided to combine in one for my blog:

Truth doesn't have to dig deep through a library of lies for fiction to read between the lines for a better story. Truth effortlessly remembers its facts that are never between the lines, never feeding anyone a line. Truth has a spine. Truth is a historical book. A lie is a hysterical book with 1 line. A line of bull. Not worth the read. Truth is not shelfed. It is worth the write, worth the read. Write the truth, read the truth, speak the truth, live the truth. You are a living book. Don't shelf your self. Signed, Booking It

Sometimes, we're looking for bread crumbs and don't have a clue that either they became stuffing or that a fresh new whole loaf awaits us in the bread box right in front of our eyes. Be thankful in the crumbs, the loafs, the stuffing, and the crumby loafs and stuffings. PIMP LOL. Because the Bread of Life loafs you. Signed, Breadhead

One man's penny is another man's dollar. It's not what you have. It's what you give that's right on the money. Not passing the buck. Just my 2 cents. Just common sense. Green can make sense of a lot. But, envy only gets greener. Money talks, but giving makes sense. Money talks...dollars. Giving yourself hollers. Signed, Making Sense Outta Change

I wear my fancy gorgeous, flowered socks inside out! So’s I can see the beautiful fluffy stitching. I know. I’m always inside out and upside down and twisted. PIMP LOL. I mean I love the socks worn both ways, but inside out kinda shows the real beauty. What’s underneath! Besides, my inside out socks go with my frocks. They fit me. Have a lovely day. Show your underneath. I bet it’s a real beauty! Show your stitch. Find your niche. Signed, My Socks Fit Me Like A Glove, Fingerless, Of Course

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