Falls & Weights!

Early this morn, in the dark, I tripped over my weights and about fell on my face. I had not put them away in their place yesterday. Which got me thinking. A throbbing foot tends to get your brain going. A cup of coffee would have done the job more peacefully, but can't have it anyways. So, it got me thinking 'bout how we get tripped up in the dark. We clutter our lives with the things that weigh us down and don't put them away or in their place. The thing about a fall? It tends to make you look up. Once you're done being floored. On the bright side, it reminded me that today is Fall. Time to leaf all those most colorful weights fall off us and bare our souls so we can branch out. Have a be-hue-tiful first day of Fall. And, yes. That is a book I had made from this blog. I so want to publish and sell books. Signed, Floored-iduh Fall

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