"Don't Be Afraid Of Uh... Frayed Remnants!"

"Don't Be Afraid Of Uh... Frayed Remnants!" So, I thought I'd take a walk to get some fresh air and sun and wind to fight the frayed remnants of this flu. Got to thinking... The tapestry of my life isn't just a frayed remnant, but rather frayed remnants tightly woven to make a unique story. Oh, there may be a few loose ends, but they are being mended. Have a fun, tight night. Don't be afrayed to display your uh...frayed remnants. Together, they make you uniquely beautiful. What keeps my my pieces tightly sewn? I see God's loving threads in every remnant of my life. My remnants are worn and transparently authentic. Though, today, I tried singing some with my blues grunge voice and just started coughing. Uh..frayed, I'm not physically ready, like my soul is. I so have missed singing these past 6 weeks. Words can't describe. A song could! Just sayin'. Well, I need to sing to be whole, but I can't sing because I'm not wholly well. Wholly moly! What is that called? Signed, Keeping It Real... Tight