"DENTS FROM THE BENCH: My dense thoughts (PIMP LOL) from the front porch bench!" So, yep! I admit. Sometimes, I'm competent by accident. And, just smile. PIMP LOL. It's those dents in my brain. They act up sometimes and actually work proper. I call it "acts-of-the-dents". The other time? I'm competent by acts-i-learn-dent. You know? Putting a dent in the book or life knowledge pile. On purpose. Put a dent in that heap of knowledge God put out there for us. Keeps the brain dents snapping. Learn something cool every day. On purpose. Remember, wisdom is smiling. When you're competent by accident or on purpose. Fulfill your purpose today! It may be to warm the couch or to warm someone's heart. Me? Gonna try to do both. Cuz, I need both! And, yes, we have a song by that name. There is no reason to be dense with our dents!!! Makes sense? Signed, Fulfilling My Acts-of-the-dents On Purpose So My Dents Aren't Dense

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