Cookin'! In Every Room Of The House!

“COOKING IN EVERY ROOM OF THE HOUSE! Brrr… It’s cold in our house. Can’t turn on the heat because it makes me wheeze worse, so I’m gonna cook up some heat! Nah! Not in the music room, this time. Still fighting my ear and head and lungs, but way better. This time, cooking in the kitchen! Making some Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie. I don’t really know why they call it pie because it’s a big pot of square noodles, chicken, onions and potatoes, etc. Mmm… I learned how to cook most stuff from my Mom and the rest I make up as I go. I love to cook even though I can’t eat much anymore. I make award winning cookies, chili and 666 lasagna, that are all made up recipes. I love winging it in the kitchen even when it ‘s not chicken. DUH LOL. I still love to cook for others. Whether it’s food or music!! PIMP LOL. When I do need a recipe book, I use my "York County Farm Women Go To The Kitchen”. It’s rather worn from many decades of use. Have a day that cooks. Heat things up! Get groovin’ and movin’ to get warm. And, speaking of groovin’ and movin’? If things ain't movin', I ain't groovin'. And, if things ain't groovin', I ain't movin'. In EVERY room of the house! Not just the music room, if you know what I mean! I've danced in the kitchen and in the bathroom to get things movin'! Which brings me to the all important question: Which came 1st? The movin' or the groovin'? PIMP LOL. Have a moving day, guys. If we remember to put God and others first, and actually give them a second, we'll be moved. Which gives us our groove! Whether it's in our hearts, in lines or anywhere in life. It will def improve your groove. And, theirs. Oh! And, thanks for the continued prayers. Still need them. I will def be resting for a few more... Gonna get completely well so I can cook on all burners! Well, I gotta go get things moving. I approve this groove. Signed, Enhancing The Dancing Of The Cook With A Book Who Is In THE Book

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