“CLEAN,!” What? So, I finished gluing and adding roses and playing with glitter paints on my mini washer and dryer I made for my girl’s open house. So bring your quarters. Of course, we wouldn’t complain if you brought your quarters of a million either. PIMP LOL. Now, to update b’log and band website and find more photos for vid for open house and then put together our road clips for our new song/band vid called "You're Still Runnin'". Just your b.a.s.i.c. average day By the way? Even our laundry detergent is basic. For that clean fresh blues feeling that washes all over your soul. It’s concentrated like us. Just a li'l goes a long way. We give everything we got and concentrate our efforts and pour our hearts out to scrub away the dirt of the day. We concentrate on what’s important. And, we’ve lasted through a lot of loads…like our music and our God. Have a heavy load? Detergent and music and God…gotcha covered. Cleaning it up here, right? Anyways, hope our music washes all over you and gives you a fresh feeling and takes you back to the b.a.s.i.c.s. Like our detergent does. PIMP LOL. I’m always going back for more laundry and detergent! Like our music. Always going back for more to share! Hope you stop by and come back for more at our Each song and vid we graft together is from our heart and fressh, BTW? We do like some dirty grungy blues but we like to keep our lyrics clean, b.a.s.i.cally! PIMP LOL. It all comes out in the wash, You know, sometimes you gotta get dirty to stay grounded. SIGNED, The Vox-ster In The Jokes-ster & The Crafter In The Vid Grafter, In The Now & Hereafter

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