“CHOPS & CHOPPERS! AND, SINGING' THE BLUES!” So, I tried practicing my singing chops using only 1 side of my mouth and face because my toothache has taken over my ear and sinus. So, in the awkward process of practicing (which didn't last long), I’ve come up with a new singing voice. I call it “mad chops with bad choppers”! PIMP LOL. Maybe I could use it to try out in the next Zombie movie. What? It’s hard to practice your blues singing chops when your choppers are singing the blues. I think I’ll let them sing tonight! But, you’d be surprised how we can adjust our style to live with our aches and pains when we give our aches, our pains, and our style to the Maker of chops. And, choppers. He helps us remember our hopes and dreams in the midst of pain and nightmares. He is the Maker of hopes and dreams. Meantime? I leave you with this song about just that. Hopes and dreams. So, don’t give up. Even when your choppers get in the way of your chops. Signed, The Vocalist With The Joke List

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