Cereal Killer!

"Cereal Killer!" So, I'm up with Dawn and Mr. Frost this morning. I saw Dawn peeking through my window and I felt my mouth cracking a smile. All she has to do is show her true colors and I’m cracking up! So, I walked outside to snap a shot and Mr. Frost popped his head through the grass and crunched between my toes. Oh snap! I could see my breath! Thank God! PIMP LOL. Between Dawn’s cracks and Mr. Frost’s crunches, I’m awake and thankful for the very breath God put in me. And, really glad to see it after these past 3 weeks of horrible sickness. Still coughing and wheezing and stuffy, but I am a bit snappier and my eyes aren't popping outta my head. Now, for some reason, I’m thinking about cereal. DUH LOL. Can’t have it, but I will eat a bite of something. Gonna have to kill that thought. Guess I'm a cereal killer! Anyways, have a snap crack and popping kind of day. See your breath. Know you’re alive! Make someone crack a smile so their day doesn’t bite! You never know what someone is going through. Could be in a crunch! Hope it dawns on you that God is seen in every scene of our day. Take the scenic route and see Him. Oh! And, if this frost was snow? I would so be playing in it like a kid!! That would be killer! Jus' sayin'! Signed, The Corn In The Morn

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