Blowin' Away My Worry Is Just Dandy! And, I Ain't Lion!

“BLOWING AWAY MY WORRY IS JUST DANDY! And, I AIN'T LION!” What? Well, my story is about worry and dandelions. But first, I’m going to start with a rap poem.


When I get caught
Up in a thought
Become overwrought,
Tied up in a knot.
When I should have sought
The One without haught
Because He already fought
To take care of that thought
When it was still naught

So, is that naught what it is for you? When we worry about tomorrow today, our today is lost, and, will even quicker be a yesterday. If we don’t watch out, our today’s become todaze. Take each day AND each daze to the One without haught. The fury you find in all that worry can only make you blurry! PIMP LOL. Taking our worries to God is curing. Because He is caring… Oh. And, the photograph? Well, I was thinking of those dandelions that I used to pick as a kid. You know? The white fluffy ones that you could blow and they would all come off the stem and go off in the wind. You could make a wish. Don’t you wish worries were like that? That’d be dandy just like the dandelions. Maybe that’s what God wanted us to see in them. That life is not always dandy. That we CAN’T just blow them all away, but He can blow us away with love if we take our white fluffy worries to Him. So, I’m jus’ blowin’ ‘way my worries in the wind. And, that is jus’ dandy! and I ain't lion! PIMP LOL. Signed, Trading Worry For Cure-y

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