“BEING REALIGIOUS ABOUT MY TOWELS, BASKETS, HUGS & SHAVING!” What? Well, today when I was doing the wash, I threw in the towel. I just wanted to see what it felt like! Felt good and gave me a sense of going with the flow, at first. But then, I realized um…I can’t quit! Made me feel all washed up! So, maybe it WAS high time I threw in the towel. If only to surrender to not quitting. Because throwing in the towel for good, just makes us a basket case! And, just in case you’re wondering? I know. Sometimes, I’m a basket case! And, in case you didn’t know? Today's National Shaving Day. Not really! It’s Rational Shaving Day. Where we all try to rationalize shaving on a cold day. Might shave off some time shaving by skipping the back. PIMP LOL. Have a sharp day. Hug your shaver. If it’s a close one. Hug someone close today. Even if they haven’t shaved. If you must shave off some time, don't let it be hug time. Cuz, life gets hairy and we all need hugs. You def don't want to skip that! Don't even try to rationalize it. Razor shaver in celebration! Be real. And, speaking of real? You’ve heard of RE♥LIGIOUS. You know? Realigious. The religion of being real. The only religion God wants us to follow. Wants us to be. Really! So we can have a real relationship with Him. With others. A realationship. The reality is that we all have realty. Just where & how we build matters. Build. Build up others. Be real. Be real kind. Have ! Have a ! Keep the . In RE♥LIGION. Realize! Signed, Braving The Shaving Cuz There’s Flow In The Throw, For A Time, Really!

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