“BACKUP PLANS & BEING DRIVEN!” Ahh... Just had a Poco memory. Driving around all night long in my 69 Cam, singing along, trying to find my way home, in the heart of the night. Found my Way just a few years later. I can think of a million other groups that kept me company: Bad Company. Allman's, Gary Moore, Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, Pablo Cruise, Chicago, Stevie, Sly, Steppen, ZZTop, Boston, and on and on...So, Who did you keep company with driving around late at night singing. You know you did. Tell me! Oh! And, speaking of driving. We all have to back up some times… And, sometimes, the backup plan is: Actually the Plan B for backup you had ready. Then, at times, the backup plan is: My back's up against the wall and I’m gonna bolt to get away from the firing squad. Other times, the backup plan is: Back me up someone cuz I got no backup plan. But, many times? The backup plan is simply: Back up and try Plan A, again. Who'll back me up on that? Truth is? God has our back. In all our backup plans. He watches where we're going. We should, too. Especially when we back up. PIMP LOL. Oh! And, the photodrama? My 1st Cam and my 1st place to sing free. It was just me and the road and the wind. Well, I had me some Bad Company. Like Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, Gary Moore, The Allman Brothers and some ZZ. And, I don't mean sleep. And, many others came along for the ride to Boston and Chicago. PIMP LOL. They all taught me much. I didn't get too many tickets. 100's of warnings. Only a few tickets. Fave line from Nero Wolfe: Just because you steer clear of folly doesn't mean you have to back up into fear! Ahhh! Backup plans. You have to be driven! Or, have drive!!! BTW? I worked and saved every a whole summer of 2 jobs, one at a nursing home to buy this car. Signed, Backup Or Crackup, Loco For Poco In Cocoa & The Racer In Tracer

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