Baby Bling!

"SINK YOUR TEETH INTO THIS, BABY!" So, I heard this morning that baby teeth necklaces are the new bronzed bling? Not for me, baby! Sounds like a rottin' way to cash in on our baby memory heartstrings. Well, bling my baby's booties bronze!! PIMP LOL. But, the tooth fairy gets baby teeth in my world. For keeps. I'd rather see my baby's teeth in her smiling mouth at any age than 'round my neck lookin' rather rotten. I like keepsakes, but for Pete's sake, love the baby. We get so busy making mems, we don't make time for them. Remember... Minutes become hours, but moments become ours. I think this new trend will disappear like teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy. They're just rootin' around for a way to make $. The real bling is in the time spent. That's the gem. Thank you Lord God for our babies! No matter what age, always our babies!! Often, we miss the smile for the teeth. Oh! And, thanks for the all the prayers for this baby. Working her way back to health, slowly, with as few cries as possible. Oh! And, photograph? Me kissing my Garnet Rosey's head. What peace this memory brings. Signed, The Gem In The Mem

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