Ace Your Pace!

“ACE YOUR PACE!” I was up bright and early being one with my plants when I noticed this little baby gopher turtle guy moving at his own pace. That’s me, today. One with the plants and the turtles. It’s that time of year to see all our endangered babies and Mama make their trek from our back yard to across the woods. At their own pace. Got me thinking. We all have our own pace. God made us each unique. And, each of our days unique. Goghergure! Have a unique weekend. Whatever your pace? Ace it. Ace your pace. God made such cool creatures. Us? The coolest! Don’t always work at the pace we want, but the coolest. Sometimes, our pace is racing to the finish line and getting it done. And, sometimes, just steady and slow like a turtle to get to the finish line. BTW? You get less tickets the latter way. But, I do love racing… Today? Turtle pace. Signed, The Pace In Trace Used to Race

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