A Lines & Bee Lines!

"A Lines & Bee Lines!" What? Well, instead of skirting the issue, we should try dressing it up in truth. It’d be a feather in our caps! PIMP LOL. Just messing with ya. And, yes. That’s a real feather in that cap. And, a real skirt. And, a real dress… Now, the boot? Just a symbol of my boots. To keep kickin’ boot and wearing truth. Yep! That's what I saw when I went into my room to get a pair of jeans out of my dresser... Oh! And, joke for this? Ummm...make a Bee line straight to the truth. Or, in this case? Make an A line! PIMP LOL. That's a skirt style, guys! SIGNED, The Dresser In The Messer

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