“2nd PLACE FOR THE WIN! PLACES & RACES!” What? So, I was talking about relationships with my girl this morning… If you want to know your PLACE in any relationship? See how you handle it when they’re in your FACE, on your CASE and in your SPACE. Or have to CHASE them down in the same room. Just to get a TRACE of attention. If you can make it through those times without MACE-ing them, then you have done well. You have placed 2nd in the relationship RACE! Why not 1st? Because if you can make it through any relationship, it’s by PLACE-ing them 1st. BRACE yourself! It’s a RACE that is won by PLACE-ing 2nd. Oh! And, the photos? Another nice breeze, blowing the feathers and the leaves… Sounds like a song. Also, wearing my 2nd place shoulder ribbon. You probably can’t read the 2nd place on it. And, yes, I got a li’l color from the sun yesterday. Funny thing is? I used this lotion on my face last night and woke up with my eyes swelled shut and face twice the size. Had to use ice just to put my contacts on. I just can’t use anything on this body. It reacted like most foods do me. No complaints. Just put a fluffy blue feather barrette in my hair to draw attention away from the puffy! Still in the RACE. Just with a big FACE. PIMP LOL. Life’s not a breeze. It’s a RACE with breezes along the way. So, heading back inside today. Maybe some music. Garnet Rose and I will have to paint my chair tomorrow. But, that's another story. Another race. SIGNED, The 2nd Placer In The Tracer

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