"STAY STOKED!" So, sometimes, you just gotta open up and let it all out. Right at the neck. Because all your anger and thoughts and truths and joy and hurts are getting mixed up and bottled necked! How? Open up and use it for good. Paint your whirled! Like I show in the photo. That fire pit acting as a bottle is letting the sky out. Painting a sky. Open up your bottle and let it out. Sometimes, life has its pits. And, you want to fire away! ‘stead? Get fired up! Use what was meant for mean or bad or just thoughtlessness to do something of value and love and good. Paint or dance or write a song or serve someone. Or, give something away. Sometimes, you just pray. Anything, just keep the fires burning. Don’t let the ashes have their way. God’s got our hearts. Our battles. BTW? We got this hand me down fire pit the other night. I never turn down a hand me down. Even if it’s on fire! Ha ha. PIMP LOL. Yep. Just got us a hand me down fire pit! As long as it's not a hand me down pit! PIMP LOL. Life won’t stay the pits as long as you stoke the fire. Keep the fires burning! Don’t let your heart and soul go down to ashes. Stay stoked! Keep your eyes on the fire, not the pit. Here’s a song just for that called “Nothin’ But Ashes”! On our new album. Signed,

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