Do"T" Calls!

Well, it was too cloudy for us to get any good shots of Orion this morn, so I thought I'd post my favorite photograph I shot last time home and a few fun edits of where I grew up in Pennsylvania. I love the peaceful beauty feel of it. And, just like me having to make do and post a diff photo, that's how we have to do in life, sometimes. Make do is what we do. And, since many call me "T"? "Do"-T calls. Duty calls. You know, I haven't been feeling my best the last couple days, but T is making do by trusting God for His peaceful beauty amongst my ugly. PIMP LOL. And, I'm not snowing you. Have a peaceful beauty of a weekend. Even amongst the uglay! Sing on! Signed, She Finds Beauty Amongst The Duty (and doodie)