Creeks, Paddles & Bridges!

"CREEKS, PADDLES & BRIDGES!" In some situations, you feel like you're always up a creek without a paddle no matter what. But, that's actually better because if ya had, you'd for sure get whooped with that paddle. DUH LOL. No worries. Let the current of quietness, the winds of wisdom guide your way. Invisible paddles, crafted by God. Sometimes, no matter how prepared we are to go UPstream, there's a dam to bust thru, darn it! Have a fun Monday. This is shot out of my Mama’s Day photo album from yesterday. We were coming back over the bridge on the Indian River. And, some “current” events were running thru my mind, so I got some story shots! More in the album. I even caught a bird in one. Anyways, sometimes you need a bridge, sometimes you need a paddle. Sometimes, you just need God and His invisible paddles so’s you don’t get whooped. Love you guys. Paddle thru my creek of photos in this album. Promise no dams. And, remember, 'tis better to be up a creek without a paddle, than up a paddle without a creek. And, also 'tis better to be up a creek without a paddle, than up a creek without a puddle. PIMP LOL. Have fun. Don't get whooped! Signed, The Greek About Creek

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