So, I woke up to the sounds of a woodpecker, a dove and a whippoorwill (whip o' will). All early birds. I like being an early bird who gets the worm, but been sleeping a bit more being sick, so it was a treat, or should I say tweet, being up early, again. What did this say to me? Sometimes, you gotta keeping pecking away, sometimes you gotta whip your will into shape a bit, and sometimes you just gotta relax and keep your "coo"l. All to keep soaring. Especially when you're sore. Yep. We're still coughing, but starting to flap our wings and hope to be fly soon. Have a fun weekend. Don't open a can of worms. It's always too early for those kind of worms. Oh. And, the photograph? Um...this birdbrain ran outside to snap the birds, hit the wrong button and reversed the phone cam to selfie. In my defense? Still sick. Broken wings. Sore, but soaring? OK. Birdbrain. PIMP LOL. Oh. And, a bird joke. What did Robin tweet to Jay when he tweeted: Can I hang out at your house? Soar you can. Oh. And, yes. We do have a song for this called Elijah's Blues. Southern rock. Signed, She Coos The Blues And Wings Her Sings