Getting Dumped On Espressoly!

I got Espresso on my head! No. I didn’t make someone mad and they dumped their Espresso on me. Nope. But, I did pour Espresso on my head! Espresso hair color! PIMP LOL. I can’t have Espresso coffee anymore, but I can have the color. Yep back to my natural color. Espresso. It espresso’s the real me. Have a fun day! Don’t dump on anyone. Before you pour it out and espresso yourself? Take a moment and let it get from your head to your heart. Espresso it to God. Dump it out, pour it out, espresso it. Then pour some love out. But, no dumping on others. Keep your head. Make it any color you want. But, keep your head. On your shoulders. Not on your hips. No one likes getting dumped on. Except toilets. Oops! I’m espressoing myself and flushing. I mean blushing. Oh! And, yes. In my earlier days when I used to drink, someone hurt me real bad and was 2 timing and I found out. So, I dumped a pitcher on him in public. Then, I dumped HIM. Shocking. I could have handled it better, but back then? I didn’t know I could espresso any other way. Now? I know the Way. God. Go espresso yourself. And, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I am a few weeks behind.  Signed, She Don’t Dump & She Won’t