Meeting Of The Minds: Wiseacres & Pecking Orders!

3 stories for today's blog to make up for the last week.

1st story: Music has no age. Except acreage. Cuz it happens all over the world and heaven! And, that's a lot of acreage! I know… I’m just a wiseacre. PIMP LOL. Thank you Maker. For giving us acres of music. Even, when we are belly acres. Music. For what achers us. Oh! And, Mike doesn’t mind if I kiss him. Mike’s been with me as long as Sam has been. Which one do you think listens more? Ha ha. Don’t you be a wiseacre now. DUH LOL. Which do you think can stand me more after all these years? Why, Mike, of course. He has his own stand. He never tires. Just kidding around. In relationships, we have to stand up for each and stand a lot! Both ways. Humor def helps. And, prayer. Yes, prayer. Oh! And, music. Okay. Wiseacre is done. Have a wise week out there in that acreage. No matter what age you are! And, remember take all to God. He's stand up! He covers a lot of wise acres! Signed, The Vox With The Jokes

And second story for this blog post: During my Meetings Of The Mind, when I hear "Mya Self" and "I Bette" 2nd guessing "Moi Knoze", not to mention all those outside in the hall? I invite one more Guest to my Conference call at Brain Central. When I start hearing and listening to all the other voices outside the meeting in the dark Hallways of the Mind Building and the culprits inside (Mya Self & I Bette), Moi Knoze moves to cancel that conference call and 2nds that emotion. Then Moi has a meeting of the Truth. With my always gracious and wise Guest speaker who always moves. Who reminds me to not 2nd guest Him or 2nd guess what He puts in my heart and mind for Moi to hear in the 1st place. He is always my Guest Speaker with no 2nd guesting. Or 2nd guessing. Don't have to guess when you have THAT Guest. I guess so! PIMP LOL. It's our choice. Do we have meetings of the "Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Here To Sabotage Your Faith" where it becomes a Mining Of The Faith and blows up. Or, meetings of the "Mind Your Faith!"? Signed, Moi Muwahs! 

3rd story: I’m not a spring chicken. No? Why? Because I don’t spring at pecking orders. PIMP LOL. Well, that and I'm not a chicken. Oh. I respect God, pastors, bosses, elders, parents and leaders and all, but not to get my pecking and feathers noticed. Just because it’s right. And, BTW? I can still spring into action when needed. I just know what’s going on hen who has my bak bak bak. Don't be chicken to stand up for what's right. That's my story and I'm shtickin' to it! Signed, Just One Chick 'n Her Shtick

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