"LIGHT HUMOR ON DISSEDPLAY FOR ALL TO SEE!" If I'm gonna shine the light in the darkness today, it's gonna be my chandelier light! Have a shine-y day. You just might invade someone else's darkness when lighting yours. Or, even better? Vice versa. And, when the light reveals the real you? Will you be clothed in truth? I will be, even if my clothes are worn, torn, tattered and faded, the threads and patches are truth. That's all I know how to be. Me. With God inside. And, underneath? You will find my soul clothes, like long underwear garments, they keep me warm and cover my holes so there is no embarrassing moments when my skin shows from letting others get under it. Speaking of long underwear? It's almost that time of year for Handerpants. Gotta have light humor to balance the truth's hardness. Like I said, have a shine-y day. Wear truth and be you. Those clothes look good on everyone and never go out of style. And, speaking of lights and displaying our light? Was in the store and got to thinking… You know how they have those displays in stores where everything is stacked up in a cone or mountain shape and if you pull one out from the bottom it all comes tumbling down? Sometimes, that’s how I feel about speaking out and defending. Just want to pull one out from the bottom to uncover the real display. Air. But, that would just leave a mess for someone else. Hurting others ain’t right even if you’re right. Man sees the display put on before others and takes from the top. God sees the display NOT put on before others. And, gives. From the bottom of His heart. That’s gotta be enough, sometimes. I shall let Him pull one out from the bottom. Airing things out reveals truth. But, it’s gotta be God the Defender. Or, it’s just hot air. Signed, Her Light Humor Is Quite The Rumor

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