Hole-y Clothes Or Holy Clothes?

“Hole-y Clothes Or Holy Clothes?” So, I know you all have read the story about how I used to shred guitar and sew clothes and now I wear shredded clothes and play guitar sew-sew, right? Cuz our washing machine was literally on it’s last leg over 2 years ago and if you did a full load it would tear up the clothes. Really wear them out. Well, we been making do. You can see that washboard over to the right. I bet you thought that was an instrument in our band! PIMP LOL. Anyways, some friends at church moved and got a new set and their old set was still good. Anyways, our Pastor remembered my story and our need, so he put us in touch. Another friend and his boys delivered them in between the rain and took the old ones. Turns out they needed a dryer. So, we passed on ours to them. Now, we could have gotten agitated over the washer tearing up our clothes, but we made do and did smaller loads, etc., and worked around it. Life can agitate and wear us out and we get off balance. Helping others does wonders for the clothes of our soul. It clothes us in compassion which looks good on anyone. Holy clothes look so much better than shredded clothes. Or, Hole-y! PIMP LOL. We so appreciate the givers and the deliverers so so much. The tears that flowed could have washed a load. Have a fun day. Take a load off. You know the song… Oh! And, we had some things in our back little family play room that we weren’t using and another friend from church had need and helped us out by getting them. Gave us room to breathe in many ways. If you’re not using it, try losing it so someone else can find it. Gives both the giver and receiver and deliverer breathing room. And, a breath of fresh air called thankfulness. Maybe Glade should make a can of that air freshener. Call it “Thankfulness”! Oh. And, one more thing. I am not ashamed to get hand me downs. There was a time in my life, our life, that I (we) could give much in the new and tangible. We still love to give, but right now it is old and intangible. PIMP LOL. It is hard being on the receiving end, but I am learning that receiving a gift also gives. If you want us to make more money, just stop by our band site and get you an album at www.basicband.biz. PIMP LOL. Isn’t that rich? The photograph is blurry because my fancy expensive camera/vid is about 10 years old and wearing out. Been having trouble with it for a while. Sounds like another work fix day coming up. And, you can see the humidity in my wild frizzy hair that truthifies my story from last night. Okay. Hole-y moley! Long enough story you say? I will can it! PIMP LOL. Thanks for loving us for richer or for poorer. Signed, The Spin On Washers Clothed In Compassion

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