“GIGGLES, GAGGING & GIGS!”  So, I saw a commercial early this morn whilst cooking breakfast for Sam. They so stole my idea. The one with the couple gagging over their coffee table because they’d bought a new couch and now the coffee table didn’t look so hot. I wrote, sometime back, about how my velvet victorian lamp makes me gag seeing my worn out couch. I’m very appreciate and extremely thankful for the contents of our lives. Being content with the contents of your life doesn’t mean you can’t dream. Nor gag. Just once in a while. Thing is? Each new thing in our life changes the perspective of the things already in it. Sometimes, you gotta get rid of the old and make room for new. Sometimes, you hot-ify up the old to fit in with new. And, sometimes? You gag! PIMP LOL. I so need a job writing, making $, so we can continue gigging. Not gagging. Have a hot weekend. Find a way to be content with the contents of your life AND your soul. Then, when new, or even hand-me-down, things enter? You will be like me. As a child at Christmas. Giggling. Not gagging. And, when new soul events, changes, people and emotions enter? You will giggle. Not gag. Life’s a gig. Play it well. Play it content! Yes. I am bent on being content, but I wouldn't mind if you came by our website and bought an album. PIMP LOL.  Signed, The Vox With The Jokes Is Bent On Content (

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